"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who can do the things that no one can imagine." x

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from Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

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You know it’ll be good when the trailer hurts you like this. [X]

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did he seriously try to grab the riding crop from her


did he seriously try to grab the riding crop from her

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More Beautiful Sherlock Holmes mid-range Promo Pictures from the Season 3 shoot - 2/?

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The second one is so odd. Is Apple giving them product placement cash or something?

Probably. The first series they didn’t use anything with blatant logos, but then suddenly in series 2 it was Mac laptops and iPhones so I’d say they are definitely doing a product placement in the show itself and promos.

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Damn - Is there ever an end to this photoshoot ? 2013 08 22 - ’ Unlocking Sherlock ’ Promotional Shots by Robert Viglasky

This is just an overview. For the early pics #01 to #04, there are bigger versions around, for the later pics #05 to #09, I wish there were bigger versions. And you are welcome to direct me to Hi-Res versions 1280 pixels wide or even wider regarding the later pics.

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Almost painfully he took his eyes from her.

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